“...my mountain of despair turned into my mountain of hope.”

Inspirational Speaker:  Karen Dancey

    Newly published author, Karen Dancey

brings hope and encouragement as she

shares her powerful testimony of how God

transformed her mountain of despair into

her mountain of hope.  Karen shares her

adventurous life of marrying a U.S. Marine,

giving birth to a child born with a heart

defect, dealing with her husband’s

unemployment, and taking a leap of faith

by moving to Alaska.  Following the suicide

of her husband, this young mother of three

reminds us that in order to be transformed

by God, we must continually seek to know

Him, commit to Him, and ultimately

surrender to His authority in our lives.

     Not only will you learn how to find hope

and encouragement in the ordinary and

extraordinary circumstances of life, you

will be spiritually challenged to let go of fear and truly trust God to “walk on the water” with you.  Is your faith strong enough to move a mountain, to believe God can ‘part your Red Sea moment’ and fill you with hope when your situation looks humanly hopeless?

    When asked to summarize her book ‘Mountain of Hope,’ Karen said: “Your difficult circumstances are a great opportunity to rediscover the power of a living hope.  In other words, the bigger the difficulty is that we face, the greater the opportunity we have to experience God’s modern-day miracles because God makes possible what is humanly impossible.  Now that is a hope worth celebrating!”

    Karen has a B.A. in Family Life Education from Spring Arbor College and lives in Macomb, Michigan.  To request Karen to speak at your banquet, retreat, church, or women’s event, please contact Karen at karendancey@yahoo.com